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tem cell Treatment for Diabetes India

Diabetes may be a group of metabolic diseases during which a high blood sugar level is observed for an extended time. The glucose level is high within the blood due to an insufficient level of insulin secreted by the body. Diabetes is assessed into two types type 1 and sort 2 diabetes. Type 1 develops when the body's system sees its cells as foreign cells and destroys its body cells. As a result, insulin-producing islets of Langerhans cells of the pancreas are killed, then insulin production is stopped. within the absence of insulin, glucose intake by cells is increased and it's accumulated within the bloodstream. In type 2 diabetes, insulin resistance is developed thanks to which cells are unable to soak up insulin fr glucose metabolism. Diabetes, when not controlled, can cause blindness, kidney malfunction, heart diseases, and lots of other diseases. Therefore it's very necessary to stay the excessively high level of glucose within the bloodstream cornered.

Kidneys are two bean-shaped filtering organs positioned at the backside of our body. they're made from minute structures also referred to as Nephrons. These nephrons are the building block of the kidney and also a key regulator necessary for the traditional functioning of the kidneys. They filter blood, retain back its normal salts, mineral contents and take away toxins out of the body through urine. Damage caused to those nephrons, as within the case of most kidney disorders may hamper the kidney function to serious limits giving out an alarming signal.

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  • Stem cells are often wont to regenerate the cells of islets of Langerhans within the pancreatic tissues. The damage caused by an autoimmune disease or the degeneration of the islet cells results in insufficient or no insulin production.
  • Lack of insulin production results in an increased glucose level within the bloodstream this high glucose level is often very dangerous for the cells of the body.
  • Sometimes the blood sugar level increased dangerously can cause kidney malfunction and affects the filtration function of the kidney therefore sometimes chronic high glucose level within the blood can cause renal failure.
  • At Stem cell therapy India we developed the newest use of Stem cell therapy for the treatment of diabetes.
  • With the advancement of medical technology now it's an effective treatment of diabetes.
  • Stem cells are taken from the bone marrow or the fat and that they are processed to the laboratories and therefore the specific stem cells are selected then

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Before the therapy, we'll check the patient’s medical record, and that we will do counseling to mentally prepare the patients for the therapy. By doing these tests we'll make sure the therapy is going to be successful. after the successful therapy, we'll monitor the patient's progress and then the patient is liberal to live his or her life joyfully because all the symptoms of the diabetes are gone now and there's no need of injecting or taking the insulin orally because the insulin production is now started by the pancreatic tissue and therefore the normal blood sugar level is observed.

  • Routine testing of blood
  • Fasting biopsy
  • Oral route glucose tolerance test
  • Random blood sugar level check
  • Urine analysis
  • Infection testing
  • Physical examination

Affordable cost of Stem cell Treatment for Diabetes in India

Stem Cell Therapy may be a very convoluted treatment modality. because the cost isn't regulated in most of the parts of the planet for Stem cell therapy, people from across the world prefer India because it has become the hub of medical tourism for highly affordable Stem cell therapy. The treatment cost here is significantly less of what it might cost within the western countries alongside the waiting period and really expensive logistic cost.

The cost of Stem cell Therapy for Diabetes in other European countries cost approx. $25,000 - $35,000. However, in India, it'll cost you almost 70% to 80% but that.

The cost of Stem cell therapy depends upon various medical factors just like the sort of Stem cell treatment, sort of cells, the number of stem cells required, sort of stem cells, hospital stay, pre-treatment investigations, etc.

Fair pricing of Stem cell treatment in India is additionally an element that's giving a replacement ray of hope to the patients who need Stem cell Therapy. Stem cell therapy cost in India is significantly economical but the medical services provided by the hospitals are top-notch with International Medical standards and therefore the latest technologies.

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  • We encourage Patients to possess all the knowledge and details about Stem cell treatment and do researches from their side to form sure that they take a particular decision towards getting their Stem cell treatment wiped out in India.
  • We invite you to require a free consultation with our International Stem cell Therapy Executive who can assist Patients and guide Patients in choosing the simplest option for his or her Stem cell treatment in India.

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