Stem Cell Treatment For Down Syndrome In India

Stem Cell Treatment For Down Syndrome In India


Down syndrome is a chromosomal ailment that causes damage in the physical and cognitive growth of a kid. It is the most common reason for mental retardation amongst kids. People with Down syndrome experience typical features such as a flat face and a short neck. These features bring all the difference in the characteristics from person to person. It is a lifetime condition. But with proper care and support, kids with Down syndrome can grow up to have healthy and prolific life.


Human cells regularly contain 23 sets of chromosomes. One chromosome in each pair originates from your dad, the other from your mom.

Down disorder results when abnormal cell division, including chromosome 21, happens. These cell division anomalies bring about an additional fractional or full chromosome 21. This extra hereditary material is liable for the trademark highlights and developmental issues of Down syndrome. Any of three genetic varieties can cause Down syndrome:


The most common symptoms witnessed in kids that are down with Down syndrome are:
  • Distinctive facial features like flat face, slanting of eyes, small ears, short neck region, small arm, legs, and mouth.
  • Single, deep wrinkles across the center part of the palm
  • Single flexion furrow of the fifth finger
  • Uneven muscle tone and wobbly joints
  • Below-normal astuteness

Stem Cell Treatment Down Syndrome:

The conventional medicine approaches to aid in the management of associated symptoms and helps improve the physical and intellectual aptitude of the kid, reestablishing the patient to daily life. Down Syndrome stem cell therapy does quite the reverse, and it targets to stimulate the repair mechanisms and treat the core impairment in the nervous tissue accompanied by the management of impairments seen in affected folks. Stem Cell Therapy using bone marrow-derived from mononuclear cells has been proposed as a treatment approach that benefits numerous neurological ailments.

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